Regan Morton

Regan spent 10 years as a competitive gymnast at McCracken’s Gymnastics in Olathe, Kansas. She retired as a Level 8 State Champion and went on to compete at the Regional Championships right here in Denver. She got all of her required highway hours for her permit on the way out here from Kansas City to compete for the last time.

After she hung up her grips, Regan began coaching at Debbie Howard’s Gym. Debbie competed in the Olympic Trials in 1972 and together with her team taught Regan everything there was to know about running a positive and constructive gymnastics program. At this same time, Regan’s previous head coach went on to be the assistant head coach at Auburn University and then the head coach at the University of Kentucky.

Regan still has the opportunity to catch up with her former coach when she attends USAG Regional and National congresses each year where Mary is the Director of Olympic & Program Relations.

When Regan moved to Columbia, Missouri to pursue her journalism degree, she was taken under the wing of International-Brevet Judge, Shari Mann. The former 1981 World Championship team member is one of only 20 judges in the world who can judge on the Olympic stage. She taught Regan how to combine the technical elements with a fun spirit and even inspired her to get certified with NAWGJ to be a judge herself.

Upon graduating college and moving out to Denver, Regan had thought her time in gymnastics would be coming to a close. It didn’t take long for the perpetually-busy digital marketing strategist to decide that a 9-5 just wasn’t enough. She sought out gyms in the Denver area that would allow her to pursue her corporate goals while staying involved with gymnastics. She found a home at CSG in 2017.

After 5 years working with Coach Dave, she was humbled to have the opportunity to fill some very big shoes in the Denver gymnastics community as the owner and head coach of the Colorado School of Gymnastics. Through gymnastics at CSG, she strives to instill self-confidence, independence, and life skills that will take her staff and her athletes to new heights – inside the gym, and out.

After a big year of growth, she plans to let the gym thrive with new energy driving the recreational program and boundless opportunity in a new competitive division. While remaining actively involved in both sides of the programs, she has hopes of expanding the staff to include even more enthusiastic role models that kids of all ages can look to for guidance, growth, and support. She strives to provide a comprehensive team of dedicated, reliable, and committed coaches to the athletes and families who are depending on her for gymnastics development.

As time goes on, she hopes to expand the programming and curriculum to build a confidence-first environment where young athletes can find their home and their voice through gymnastics.