Coach Morgan

Coach Morgan was a natural from the start. Growing up in gymnastics-centric California, it only took a few months in a rec program at a college youth center for her coaches to recognize her talent. Coach Morgan spent the majority of her competitive years with Genesis Gymnastics, north of Los Angeles, where she retired with the title of Level 7 Bars Champion.

Upon hanging up her grips, Coach Morgan began coaching in the recreational and competitive programs at Savage Elite Gymnastics. With one too many sports injuries in her own athletic experience, Coach Morgan found a passion for technique-driven instruction. With a keen understanding of the responsibility a coach bears, she prioritizes lesson plans that offer hands-on instruction centered around correct form, technique, and strength.

CSG had the great fortune of recruiting her experience, passion, and precision in 2022.

In addition to coaching, Coach Morgan has aspirations of working in the art field and is currently pursuing her BFA at the University of Denver. Her role in the gym has inspired a professional path of education and she hopes to one day run an art education center that caters to students with physical or cognitive disabilities, in the juvenile system, and those in foster care.