Coach Chandler

Coach Chandler spent 10 years as a gymnast before she lead her competitive cheerleading squad to Nationals. After joining the Level 5 All-Star team, Chandler went to a number of UCA and NCA cheerleading championships before her final debut on the Cheerleading World Championships stage.

In addition to gymnastics and cheerleading, Chandler also participated in ballet, tap, jazz, soccer, volleyball, and flag-football, bringing a dynamic and well-rounded athletic expertise to the CSG program in 2022. While she loves that coaching gives her the opportunity to be involved in the community and share her knowledge, her favorite part is helping athletes work through challenges to acquire new skills. She knows first hand how important that experience is to becoming a successful adult and works tirelessly to help her athletes translate those experiences in the gym to the world at large.

Chandler has always been involved in athletics, personally and professionally. While studying business at Colorado State University, Chandler worked with the CSU football team, the Colorado Eagles, and the Denver Outlaws, serving a number of different functions.

In her free time, the Colorado native is something of a world traveler. She is always looking for something new to try and travel provides an excellent way for her to live her life to the fullest. She’s even scuba certified, having dived in Aruba and Bonaire. She has aspirations of even joining her corporate role with her love of travel, hoping to work in the aviation industry.

Coach Chandler is our resident movie buff, boasting an extensive DVD collection and loves to catch up on the classics with her cats, Joey and Stella, when she’s not in the yoga studio perfecting her sun salutation.